Dissertation Formatting

Dissertation formatting is done when you start writing your dissertation. Once the dissertation is uploaded the first thing that it is checked for is formatting. If the formatting is not within the specified guidelines of the concerned University or College it is returned to the student. Therefore the dissertation should be uploaded many days in advance of the deadline for review.

General guidelines followed in formatting

  • Normally software application like Microsoft Word can be used for dissertation writing. Before starting dissertation writings the settings as per the guidelines should be made in the document.
  • Double spacing is maintained throughout the text. Of course there are some exceptions like in the case of citing quotations, Tables, Figures and footnotes.
  • Margins should be appropriately set.
  • Font type could be what your guide suggests. But typically Times New Roman, 12 pt is used.
  • Pages should be numbered. The introductory part of the document should have special page numbers.
  • Tables will need special formatting.
  • Table of contents needs to be introduced at the beginning of the document. The utility “Create Table of Contents” can be used from the application to achieve this function. For this all chapter headings would have to be allocated some Heading styles. Depending on the level of heading different styles can be assigned.
  • Any images to be inserted into the document should be done properly. It is better to insert images directly in the document rather than providing a link to it.

All front matter should be written in the following order: Title page, Frontispiece, Copyright page, Dedication, Acknowledgement, Preface, Table of Contents, List of Tables, List of Figures, List of Appendices, List of Abbreviations and Abstract. Some of the items are optional like Frontispiece, copyright page, Acknowledgement, Preface, etc.

It is very important that a dissertation be formatted correctly. If it is not then the university boards will take a look at the project, make a note of all the mistakes that can be found in it, and then come to the conclusion that the project was done by an average student.

Different universities will have their guidelines published which can be used as a reference and followed by the students. We at dissertationhelp.de have expertise in formatting documents as needed by colleges in Germany. Send you documents to info@dissertationhelp.de.