Points to Remember for Carrying Out Research Study in Germany

15 Nov 2016 0

There is some groundwork you have to do, before you can begin your doctoral studies in Germany. For example, first you have to do a post-graduate degree which is recognized and you should apply for a residence permit. Below are few points one needs t

How to Improve Relationship With Your Doctoral Advisor

09 May 2016 0

The success of completing dissertation during doctorate depends on the relationship between the student and doctoral advisor. A good relationship between student and advisor facilitates exchange of idea and discussions on topics which is instrumental

PhD in Germany: What you need to know

20 Sep 2016 0

Do you want to pursue your PhD program from Germany? If yes, there may be various queries which you may want answers for. Read the blog to know some crucial information about doing PhD in Germany! Typical PhD path in Germany If you are planning