How to Effectively Select a Research Method for Your Dissertation

06 Dec 2016 0

Research methodology is one of the most important aspects of your research work to enable you to collect adequate data and to achieve the main objectives of the research. Gaining knowledge of your research methods before carrying out your research work is of utmost importance. Here is how you could effectively select a research method for your dissertation.

Study Your Research Approaches

When you take into consideration your research approaches, it could help you in selecting a research method for your dissertation. There are two types of approaches to research – deductive and inductive. Research approaches can be selected according to the research design and also according to research philosophy.

Write down Your Research Philosophy

It is an idea of the development of a research study or knowledge. A research philosophy comprises three types of philosophies – interpretivism, positivism, and realism. The research philosophy that you select finally will help him or her to select a good research approach. So, make sure you write down what your research philosophy is.

Note down Your Research Strategies

When you note down your research strategies, it would help you answer your research question effectively and also to select the final research methodology eventually. You can choose your research strategies according to the required information and data. A research strategy that is effective will also have an analysis of case study, literature review, observation, interviews, surveys, experiments, etc.

Select Your Data Collection Method

It is imperative that you follow the correct data collection method in order to select an effective and a reliable research method at the end of the day. Two varieties of data collection methods could be used such as the primary and the secondary data collection methods. The researcher can get data through interviews and such other methods in case of the primary data collection method and he or she can get data from books, journals, etc. in case of the secondary data collection method.

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