How to Improve Relationship With Your Doctoral Advisor

09 May 2016 0

The success of completing dissertation during doctorate depends on the relationship between the student and doctoral advisor. A good relationship between student and advisor facilitates exchange of idea and discussions on topics which is instrumental in improving the quality of the dissertation. Here are some tips on how to improve relationships with your doctoral advisor.

Understand your responsibility

Every university has set of rules and responsibility for the students, which you should comply. Your advisor is your guide and will assist you in resolving any issue that you come across in the process of writing the dissertation.

Be independent and manage your problems

Advisors are allocated by the university as your guide, but running to them for every small problem will ruin your relationship with them. Try to be independent, have your own thinking, try and resolve your problem on your own and when you are unable to resolve them, then go to the guide as the last resort.

Back your opinion with data

When you to your advisor for discussion, do proper research on the topics and read thoroughly. You should present your ideas back by arguments and relevant data. The discussion sessions are for exchange of ideas and not a teaching session, where the advisor will clear all your doubts related to theory. Your advisor will be happy to have a healthy discussion with a well read student.

Be positive and show professional attitude

Students with a positive attitude have a better relationship with their advisory than student with a negative attitude. A person with a positive attitude is punctual for class and complete the task in time. He has a healthy and an efficient relationship with superior, fellow researchers and advisors. He is open to constructive feedback from review panel, professors and advisors.

Apart from these tips, regularly visiting the advisor to give an update about the progress will also help in establishing a good relationship with your advisor.

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