PhD in Germany: What you need to know

20 Sep 2016 0

Do you want to pursue your PhD program from Germany? If yes, there may be various queries which you may want answers for. Read the blog to know some crucial information about doing PhD in Germany!

Typical PhD path in Germany

If you are planning to pursue your PhD from Germany and your current degree qualifies you to enroll in a doctorate program in Germany, your PhD path will involve finding an academic supervisor who will guide you throughout your research phase and prove to be your mentor in writing your dissertation. You can find an academic supervisor either via personal or professional contacts or even search online for a credible professor. When you discover an academic supervisor, you need to enroll in a university program for several semesters for gaining scientific experience.

Qualification Required for Enrolling in a PhD Program

If you wish to do your PhD from Germany, you require holding a university degree which is similar to a degree gained at a German university. The university where you want to enroll in the PhD program will decide whether the degree which you currently hold is equivalent to the degree which they require or not!

Easy Access to Study Materials

Typically, all higher education institutes in Germany offer internet access to their students and set up their mail accounts. Additionally, the institutes have well stocked archives and libraries. Moreover, they supply large numbers of titles that are compulsory for the students to read. Thus, you do not have to spend significant amount of money on reading materials required for your study courses.

Get your finances straighten out

Even though tuition fees in Germany is extremely low, but still doing PhD in Germany may not be cheap. For this reason, you need to take good stock of yourself financially. Do not be mistaken thinking that you can work part time in Germany to support your study. Your student visa may only permit you to work for 4 months or 6 months in a year. So, apply for scholarship or get support of a sponsor.

Documents required for enrolling in a PhD University

There are some crucial documents which you require for enrolling in a German university which includes passport with valid visa, passport picture, receipt of the payment to the student organization, notification of admission and valid insurance in Germany.

Best of Luck for pursuing your PhD program from Germany!



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