Points to Remember for Carrying Out Research Study in Germany

15 Nov 2016 0

There is some groundwork you have to do, before you can begin your doctoral studies in Germany. For example, first you have to do a post-graduate degree which is recognized and you should apply for a residence permit. Below are few points one needs to keep in mind while preparing for doctorate.

Points to remember for carrying out research study in Germany

1. Is language a “must”?

Even though speaking the host country’s language is enormously useful, but if you are doing a doctorate thesis writing in Germany, then language is not an issue. You can find out which languages can be used for your thesis in the particular doctoral regulations.

There are structured programs frequently allowing students to complete their doctorate in English. If you are working for an individual doctorate and wish to enroll for a doctoral course at the university, then it may happen in some cases that you may need to present a German language examination certificate.  Then, it is mandatory for you to learn German. Also, just in case if you want to make sure that the language skills are of the highest orders in your work, you can also take help from professional editors.

2. Finding a PhD position

At first you have to decide, whether you wish to carry out a doctorate on your own with professorial supervision, or you wish to take part in a structured PhD programme at a graduate school, as you begin your search for a doctoral position,

3. Your higher education degree must be recognized

The most significant formal qualification for being able to do a PhD/doctorate in Germany is an extremely superior higher education degree that is recognized in Germany. Mostly, your degree should be equivalent to a German Master degree which gets completed after eight semesters of study.

4. Get enrolled

Last but not least, get enrolled. There are a number of advantages to enrolling as a doctoral candidate, for example: it will help you securing enhanced legal status as a foreign resident.

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