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20 Jun 2016 0

One country that has always been at the forefront of scientific research is Germany. This land has produced great inventors and cutting edge technology over the years. To this day they continue to lead the world as far as scientific prowess is concerned. It is no surprise then that many students who wish to acquire the best education in science make a beeline to this country. One of the reasons that the standard of scientific education is so high here is because the institutes are well supported by the Federal Government. There is no shortage of funds in this society for higher education and hence there are any numbers of researchers who are prepared to spend their lives in the pursuit of scientific knowledge. But the German support for science does not merely end with setting up institutes in their own country. The authorities here have also entered into agreements with other countries wherein they promise to cooperate with each other for the betterment of science. They carefully choose nations that are as passionate about science as they are and become long term partners with them in the fields of science and technology. The authorities also go out of their way to promote their country as a great destination for cutting edge research so that the colleges here attract the best minds from around the world. Information about doing post-graduate level research or PhD level research is easily available on the Internet. This indicates just how aware the authorities are about marketing their research facilities and capabilities to the world. One of the interesting aspects of German universities is that many of the major ones are centuries old. Their dates of establishment go as far back as the fourteenth and the fifteenth centuries. They are classic examples of 21st century education in a historic setting.

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