Time Management Guide for Dissertation Writing

12 Apr 2016 0

The greatest way to be successful in your dissertation is to manage your time wisely and efficiently. When writing your dissertation, set up a prompt daily work schedule. This will help you stay sharp, focused and motivated. Write your dissertation with utmost sincerity like a regular job. Completing dissertation writing is a very challenging and exhaustive, so avail all the help that you may need to sail smoothly through this process. Set up a weekly calendar or a weekly work schedule, such that you will be working five days a week for at least eight hours per week. Stay committed to the time that you must devote to dissertation writing. Remember to always stick to your commitments and honor your deadlines. Also, more importantly, make sure to create a timeline that is really where you do leave so room for break, naps or small refreshments. When you set realistic goals it becomes easier to achieve your goals. Please also remember to keep some buffer time, so that you can avoid disappoints, if any, that may occur with respect to meeting your goals or daily targets. If you still have any unscheduled time make sure to invest them in analyzing how you did on a particular, how was your performance with respect to dissertation writing? Is there any room for improvement? If you have failed to meet your daily target, you might ask yourself why you did not reach your goal. Was there any sort of distraction or unavoidable circumstances that might have led to your present situation? 
Try your best to avoid procrastination. Find different means to keep yourself engaged and happy during the dissertation writing process. You may listen to classical music while writing because that acts as a white noise that can reinforce your writing process by helping you stay focused throughout the day. Avoid frequent distraction. Carry out all the small, miscellaneous but necessary things at one go. Cluster tasks like web surfing, email checking, attending phone calls etc. As a result, you will have a dedicated time for the same, and it helps to prevent procrastination. It is important to keep in mind that frequent distraction worsens procrastination.  Like when there is downtime such as waiting for doctors appoint or commuting, read or edit whatever you have written so far. You can also use this time to plan your writing for the next day. 

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