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A perfect dissertation being a distant dream, some research scholars get stuck right at the initial stage of topic selection. They may not understand whether to go for a broad topic or a narrow one and whether to go for something that is common or something that is rarely researched on. However, the expert research consultants at Dissertation Help Germany resolve all such issues you may have regarding the choice of your dissertation topic. Explore what we can help with.

What we consider to extend
dissertation topic help

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Your interests

Our experienced consultants work with you to understand the subject areas that interest you. Accordingly, they guide you on selecting a specific dissertation topic that is neither too narrow nor too broad.

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Your skills and knowledge

These play an important part when we guide you to shortlist specific topics. It is highly important to be well equipped to handle all aspects of your research study.

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While it is important that we guide you according to what may retain your interest for a long time and your knowledge, we also ensure that your chosen topic is feasible to research on. There have to be sufficient resources to sustain your research.

Apart from the above, our research consultants help you to assess the existing research gaps in literature that your prospective study could fill up. They help you choose a dissertation topic with a good scope of filling such gaps and contributing meaningfully to your research domain. To avail our dissertation topic help, email us at info@dissertationhelp.de .